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The dating world can be an unsettling place for those hoping to hold on to strong Christian convictions.

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I have spent a lot of time there, both on research trips and the ICR Grand Canyon Tours.

To me, Grand Canyon is a clear testimony to the Biblical flood and the young earth.

Then we must ask what humanism is, which we must contrast with great clarity to the Christian world view. To this God (in contrast to Buddhism and Hinduism for example) not everything is the same, and, therefore, there are absolutes, right and wrong, in the world.

We must realize that the contrast goes back to two different views of final reality. In the Judeo- Christian world view, the final reality is the infinite-personal God who truly is there objectively whether we think He is there or not. As we come on the humanist side - to the final reality which is being taught in our schools and which is much of the framework of the thinking and writing of our day - the final reality is thought of as material or energy which has existed in some form forever and which has its present configuration by pure chance. The difference lies in what the final reality is: Either the infinite-personal God to whom not everything is the same, or merely material or energy which is impersonal, totally neutral to any value system or any interest in man as man.

A study of the Humanities is the study of human creativity - often related to classical learning, but also to the whole of human creativeness. And we must never forget that one of the distinguishing marks of the Judeo-Christian God is that not everything is the same to Him.

And as such Christians above everyone should be interested in the Humanities. deal with a Christian consideration of the Humanities - being thankful for the creativity which is a natural part of Man because people are made in the image of God. He has a character, and some things agree to His character and some things conflict with that character.Now many geologists who study the Canyon are talking about catastrophic deposition.They are postulating runaway erosion within the last one million years.7-30.] The fundamental features of geological study, namely, field work, collection and theory construction, were not developed until the 17th to 19th centuries. Previously, back to ancient Greek times, many scholars believed that fossils were the remains of former living things and many Christians (including Tertullian, Chrysostom and Augustine) attributed them to the Noachian Flood. The fossils documented evolution's march through time, with simple creatures at the bottom and complex ones at the top.

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