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To many that list may be incomprehensible, yet there are enough customers around the world who swear by IKEA's cheap and stylish, albeit flimsy, products that surely some readers will understand. It turns out they are part of a system created by dyslexic founder Ingvar Kamprad, who wanted to avoid relying on numbers. Unfortunately, this system is so complex and has so many exceptions that even Swedes may be mystified — though they will find it easier to understand the humor in many names.

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Inspired in part by her Guinean mother, the photographer has spent the last two years researching and capturing African identity from an Occidental viewpoint, taking photographs that she would deem more artistically driven than most of the high-fashion images she finds “a little boring …

when you look at the magazines, it’s always the same thing.” In April, she picked up the Photo Global scholarship at the International Festival of Fashion and Photography in Hyères, France, for her series “Ya Kala Ben.” Shot in her mother’s hometown of Conakry, Leuba asked a group of locals to pose as an assortment of “statuettes.” Upon receiving The Cut’s shipment of clothing, Leuba requested some large, colorful necklaces.

The names are at best clunky (with the exception of Daisy Boo Oliver, which has a nice cadence) and at worst, one sounds like a cigar-smoking teddy bear.

Not-so-Honorable Mention (They Should have Stopped Midstream) Here's what is so hard about this list.

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She admitted, “A photo takes me a while, because I think about the composition, the background, and what I’m going to put in …

I like to intervene with my images, and manage everything from A to Z, and play with different perspectives.” Click ahead to see (and read) more of the story behind Leuba’s shoot.

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I kinda like each of the three first names, especially Moxie. Yes, they are all "word names" but they are old fashioned enough that they can take on their own meanings.


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