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One of them, acripple, lay slumped on the floor,helpless; while the other, agrotesquely made-up gargoylewith long blonde ringlets, stood over her,viciously kicking her from head to foot. Davis, the attacker in the movie, was supposedonly to simulate violence. In a tone of "sugared innocence", Davis insisted: "Miss Crawford and I weren't enemies. We didn't know each other at all."The reporter wasn't buying this.It was a scene from one of the most celebratedmovies ever made, the 1962 classic What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? But as she raised andswung her right foot, encased in a black anklestrappedshoe, she made contact with Crawford'shead, gashing her scalp, which needed threestitches, and causing a lump the size of an egg. The enmity had festered for decades, despite repeated public denials by both women that it existed. "Most of her rivalsare now dead," she observed, "and Miss Davis wouldlike to present herself as just another little old ladyin tennis shoes."There is no question that Davis — the centenary ofwhose birth fell last month on April 5 — lied.He can't remember his voice being much different - he has always wanted to belt them out.

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The ramshackle Hollywoodmansion was occupied by twoageing sisters. For thetwo protagonists were played by the most bitter ofenemies — Hollywood's rival queen bees, Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, who had detested eachother for 30 years and would do so to their graves.

After losing customers to a medical marijuana store, Nancy begins baking and selling pot-laced brownies.

On the advice of her accountant, city councilman Doug Wilson, she opens a retail bakery, stocked with Costco baked goods, as a front for her drug sales.

I have never forgiven her forthat and never will."When she uttered these words, Crawford had beendead for ten years, and Davis, gaunt and wizenedfrom a stroke and a mastectomy, was almost 80. This amazing saga of love and possession began in1935 when Bette Davis was 27, and was cast by herstudio, Warner Bros, in the role that was to win herthe first of her Best Actress Oscars.

But in this rumbustious, vodka-fuelled interview, Tom Jones reveals - with apologies to the missus - that his lust for life (and the opposite sex) is as insatiable as ever We first meet in a London hotel. Black polo neck, black trousers, black shoes, strange black hair that looks as if it could be woven from acrylic, and black goatee.Andy Botwin, Judah's younger brother, moves into the house after Judah's death to help Nancy out, though he also seems to be there to freeload, and often disrupts her life.Nancy's supplier is Heylia James, a major distributor in Los Angeles' West Adams district, who she met through Heylia's nephew, Conrad (who is Andy's friend).On both sides, it was highly personal and sensitive,and was a case of unrequited love.Crawford, a promiscuous bisexual, was in love with Davis butwas rebuffed. Yet, an added dimension meant it was on Davis'spart that the antagonism was most fierce.Silas begins dating Megan, an attractive deaf girl at his school.


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