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This means 22% of participants truly thought that they were outliers, that they were the only ones extremely bothered by someone being taken advantage of.

It makes sense, because so often we don’t talk about these things. Using your own voice is the most direct way to intervene, but this doesn't always mean confronting the perpetrator head on by yourself.

The Clery Act applies to certain crimes (see Clery Act Crime Categories) occurring on University property reported to the police (either University Police or another law enforcement agency) and/or university faculty or staff known as Campus Security Authorities (CSA).

CSA’s are mandated crime reporters per the Clery Act.

In the spring of 2014, a campus-wide survey showed that 95% of students were extremely bothered by someone being taken advantage of.

When participants were asked how much they thought it bothered other students, 73% of participants agreed that other students were equally bothered.

CPRT teaches parents to have ...""A one (1) day comprehensive overview of the psychological, physiological, social, legal, and spiritual effects of alcohol and other drugs.

The class does not include a Victim/Impact Panel - referral can be made as necessary.

Although we would love for you to attend a Prevent meeting or have a bystander training night at your organization, taking the time to listen and/or contribute to the many voices of this campaign already adds to your knowledge of bystander intervention.

The Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act or Clery Act, signed in 1990, is a federal statute passed in 1990, requires all colleges and universities who receive federal funding to share information about crime on campus and their efforts to improve campus safety as well as inform the public of crime in or around campus.

We believe that ending violence is everyone’s business!

We teach Bystander Intervention techniques that can be applicable in multiple situations and empower others. We emphasize collaboration among all genders to end relationship and sexual violence.

This group is intended to help teach attendees how to meditate successfully in order to reap all the ...""Meditation can improve memory and reduce the following: stress, anxiety, and depression.


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