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And that 71 per cent of parents across the country struggle to meet the costs.

Some councils raised the grants to as much as £120 but Scottish Borders Council froze its payments at £45.

Last year 1,397 claims were made to help a total of 2,355 children.

From the dawn of civilisation, people have used symbols to explain their existence, beliefs and culture.

The armies of the Romans carried symbols and marked flags to identify themselves and their various legions, while the 9th-century forces of Charlemagne showed equal enthusiasm for icons of identity.

I wasn't really aware of what had happened when I got there, my concern was with the little girl and rescuing her and resuscitating her as best I could.'It's not necessary to have lifeguards necessarily because life guards are there to prevent accidents and parents have got to be aware that children can't swim, they are not strong swimmers and they need to wear floatation aids especially little children and older children need to be monitored as well.'Simon Barr, on holiday with his wife, Linzi, 42, and children, Sammy, aged three and Jacob, seven months, said: 'I think it’s totally tragic for somebody to come on holiday, we have a three-year-old child as well, to come away on holiday and all of a sudden this to happen.'He added: 'We heard a girl had been taken away by ambulance then from that moment lots of police arrived.

It was only later on we heard on the news the girl had died.Following this week's meeting of elected councillors it was agreed to increase the payments to £70 with immediate effect.Donna Manson, service director for children at Newtown St Boswells, highlighted the problems being faced by many families in the region.She told the meeting: "The child poverty rate in the Scottish Borders has increased from 11 per cent in 2011 to 21 per cent in 2016, according to the research reported by the Child Poverty Action Group In Scotland."These figures, when considered within contexts such as fuel poverty, rural accessibility costs, low wages and high private renting housing costs, highlights that there are many children and their families experiencing significant barriers every day in getting children to school and ensuring the children and young people can experience all the learning opportunities on offer in the Scottish Borders." The Child Poverty Action Group in Scotland estimates that the average cost of sending a child to school is around £800.There has never been a greater number of people and organisations pursuing arms as identity.

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