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"He was ready, and we were, too," the father tells KOCO.By "ready," the dad meant he had his wife, the teen's stepmom, wait in a tent in their backyard, while he, a nephew, and a cousin hid and waited until, he says, the man showed up and peeked inside the tent.

For every Alfie Deyes and Marcus Butler in the You Tube world, there’s about five to ten completely insufferable You Tube stars that make us cringe.

Sam Pepper has already proven his worth, or lack thereof, after one prank video went too far, and he (obviously) failed to show any remorse for it.

Sadly, the notorious online personality has spent so much time attracting negative attention, that we can’t say we were really surprised to hear any of the scumbag things he’s been accused of, including .

But, when other You Tubers, like 15-year-old Steven Fernandez, face major heat for engaging in similar sexual misconduct, it’s got us saying, what the EFF, You Tube?! By the looks of the list below, that answer is a big, fat NO.

The infected boys stayed at the Mechraa Belksiri Hospital for one week to receive a rabies vaccination.

Local authorities are now trying to find anyone else who has “approached” or “admired” the animal closely to limit further spread of disease.

Per KOCO, the unidentified Del City dad had installed the Family Time app, which helps parents keep tabs on their children's online activity, on his 15-year-old's device, and he was angered to find out the adult male had been exchanging sexually themed messages and photos with his daughter, per the .

To make things worse, the two had also decided to meet in person for the first time—which is when the girl's dad decided to act.

The youths, from Sidi Al Kamel spent a week in the hospital being treated after the animal transmitted the disease to them, Morocco World News reported, citing the Moroccan daily Al Akhbar newspaper.

The shocking incident left the families of the youngsters “in distress and horror.” It was also claimed the actual number infected could be a lot higher as many families took their sons for treatment at hospitals outside the immediate area to avoid shame.

Rose accepted a lifetime ban, and the Hall of Fame decided in 1992 that anyone on the permanently ineligible list could not appear on a Hall ballot.


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