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I went on an hour long Twitter rant and I’m completely tired.I’m disappointed that the guy (as remedial as he comes off in this video) didn’t think for one minute that this was NOT okay to say.If a white man is looking around the room at a social function, he may be more likely to approach a white woman who he feels he may share more things in common.

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While her flyer did use generalizations about white men, she says it was satire.

She intended to send a supportive message to the black students and she feels that the university is sending the wrong message.

“If you do one thing wrong, you could be suspended and off this campus,” Walker said.

“I’m walking on thin ice.” Walker says the school claimed her flyers created a hostile environment on campus.She wrote it in response to a different flyer that went around called “Why White Women Shouldn’t Date Black Men.” That flyer was filled with racist claims. ’: Racist flyer found on UT Austin campus a day after stabbing — She said she saw how the first flyer impacted black students.“I was like, ‘I’m a white woman.’ I’m going to show the author, ‘No, sorry buddy. “It hurt the black young men on our campus.” A week after she posted the flyer she found out she was under investigation by the university.You can pull it all day long and it’s not going anywhere. I guess that makes her argument null and void after the first 30 seconds.My issue with this video is it’s blatant ignorance.“SMU condemns the racist and hateful message in these fliers.

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