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Existing space pilot MMOs divide space into logical areas, and you hyperjump between them.

This works, but is kind of cheating, because space is not really contiguous, as each area is implemented as a separate ‘level’. There are a couple of other ‘Space Strategy MMOs’ attempts out there, but they struggled with the technology and as a result have quite limited galaxy sizes and numbers of players – hence they are MMO in name but did not really achieve a massive environment on the scale of a real galaxy and do not offer a true RTS MMO experience.

[to top] Eve lets you pilot individual ships, which can be good fun, but the only similarity between Eve and Beyond Dark is that they are both set in space.

Defend what is yours and try to conquer and hold part of the immense galaxy!

The galaxy is almost infinite in size (millions of planets) and with all players in the same galaxy.

You can also create private games for you and your friends in smaller arenas and adjust many gameplay parameters. Existing space MMO games allow you to pilot ships, which can be fun, but this is not what we are doing in Beyond Dark.

Beyond Dark is about vast empire management; attack, defense, exploration, technology, stealth, power, and diplomacy – all in a persistent online universe.

If two women chose the same guy, he got to pick between them—turning the tables and giving us the drama we craved oh, so much.

Prioritizing personality over looks, covered the faces of the 20 bachelors one lucky woman was to choose from.

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MMO (massively multiplayer online), RTS (real-time strategy), always running (not turn-based), 4X (e Xplore, e Xpand, e Xploit, and e Xterminate) where you seek out planets, colonise, and use resources to build ships and fleets.

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