Signs you are dating your best friend

Having a best friend is like having a twin, or a sibling that you have always wanted.

They come totally customized to be exactly like you and you have exclusive super powers of best friendship that the rest of the world is excluded from.

You can answer questions about her as if you were in her brain.

And after you've gotten so close that you can share every weird, embarrassing body/bae/life thought you have and spend entire weekends together binge-watching your favorite TV shows without getting out of your PJs, you KNOW you've found your partner-in-crime, soulmate, best friend for life. They immediately like every Instagram post/favorite every tweet/comment on every Facebook pic, 'OMG ~BABE ALERT~'2. They're down to lay in bed with you all day watching Netflix and eating burritos.4. When you see each other for the first time in months, it's basically like zero time has passed.6.

Their parents comment on all of your Facebook posts and you're basically part of their family, too.7. You can tell each other , and know you won't be judged.9.

You’re probably just best friends, but everyone around you thinks you might be secretly in love. Why can you remember the way she takes her steak, but you can’t remember the name of your own TA? Somewhere along the line, you both became this weird blend of each other’s styles.

If you do any combination of these 10 things with your “person,” everyone probably has some questions about the nature of your relationship (i.e. Why can’t you summarize the topic your professor has been lecturing about for three weeks, but you can give a highly accurate account of your best friend’s vacation to Jamaica 4 years ago? It’s no surprise when you wear almost the exact same thing when you’re headed out for a night on the town, AKA 4.

Sometimes people don’t understand you well enough to have discussions with you regarding odd things. Whether it is a sarcastic discussion about how much you love your mutual enemy, or a serious discussion about the shape of your toe nail, your best friend is going to be there to talk it all out with you, with a straight face. You can live like an uncivilized beast around them without fear of being judged While with other people you have to be conscious of your body hair, your clothes and your general appearance, you can let all that go to hell when you are with your BFF.

You aren’t required to eat properly, dress properly (or dress at all), you don’t have to shave your face or your legs and you can basically pretend that you are alone in your house when you are with your best friend.

The other day, we spoke for the first time since August, and it was to argue about whose fault it was that we were no longer friends. I know that sounds like a BS excuse, and I kind of think it was, but that was her reason for never getting back to me.

She would rarely end conversations like a normal person.

Here are the 7 signs to look out for: Or when he kisses someone. Or when he talks about a co-worker he’s attracted to.

So how do you know if you’re actually falling in love with your best friend?

Having a best friend for life is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding relationships you will maintain because of the joys it brings, support it gives and the experiences you share together.


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