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Individuals continue to develop sexual identity and orientation. For women, more sexual partners could allow them to access more resources, insurance, “upgrade genetic line” with more dominate, stronger male. Non-possessive, honest, responsible and ethical philosophy/ practice of loving multiple people simultaneously. Women have high bisexual sex drives and higher testosterone. Widows are less likely to partake in postmarital sex than divorced people; because they are often older and loyality to dead partner.Some individuals continue to struggle with their homosexuality or bisexuality. People who live together have lower commitment and negative interactions than those who didn’t live together. Have the most sex, greater than married or singles. A decision; done if couple: want to solidify their commitment, it matches their morals/ beliefs, and they believe that children should have parents. Romantic or sexual relationship initiated by online contact and maintained primarily via online communication. Social exchange theory that states people do benefits vs. If they feel there is inequity, they will act to restore equity. Someone who is putting more than they are getting out of relationship, might let themselves go or not work as hard at job. Have group marriage and family, with triad of more of sexually intimate and committed partners. Widows tend to be more financially secure, but face many problems with adjusting. Hysterectomy/ Oophorectomy can greatly decrease sexual desire/ function in women.

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I'm truly seeking knowledge, especially from the women (though I'll be glad to hear from other men as well).

The phenomenon of the "sexless marriage" has been so well documented that a book of that title (and others with alternate ones) was published a few years back.

What else that a lover provides cannot be provided by another individual in a person's life? Your husband, from the time you are married, supports your full-time career choice, takes care of domestic chores, cares for the children when they come along, remembers all the important dates and even does wonderful things for you for no reason at all. A healthy sexlife is important to any relationship.

If you ask Heather*, she'll tell you that overall she has a good marriage.

After childbirth, sexual dynamics continue to change. Most older people who are healthy engaging in sexual activity with a partner consider it an important part of their relationship.

Men are evolutionarily predisposed to want to pass their genetic material on to as many female partners as possible to ensure he contributes to the next generation’s genetic pool.

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Develop the capacity for intimacy (i.e develop deep emotional sharing between two people)Many tv shows depict sexual representation of the sexual life of a single person (i.e Seinfeld, Friends, Sex in the city) etc. Many are in before they settle into a permanent relationship. Increase exposure of individuals, levels of sexual activity can vary. Sexual satisfaction is higher in people who: are calm/accepting of the sexuality, happy, listen to their partner, and aware of their partner’s sexual quirks, likes/ dislikes. 1) Good listening/ communication 2) Effective problem solving 3) positive interactions 4) realistic expectations 5) interpret their partner’s behaviour 6) common views on roles and responsibilities Infidelity is more likely to be for sexual reasons in men and emotional reasons in women. Caused by our fear of partner losing interest or cues of infidelity. But they acquire a new partner at a higher rate than single or never-married people. Problems with sex is are physical, Lower androgens and belief that old people aren’t sexually active.

Many unmarried people are still in romantic relationships. Geographic separation can be stressful, but will survive: trust each other, look forward to relationship’s future, people see it in the idealized fashion; better if they don’t see each other as often and usually end when the couple actually starts living together. Less places to meet people and many people are already married. Many people speculate that sex becomes less satisfying as a marriage continues, but it’s not necessarily true. This are a quick fix, often don’t solve underlying problems. Sexual activity between person in a committed relationship with partner of another committed relationship. Good physical health and regularity of sexual expression.

The majority of respondents reported feeling as if opportunities had passed them by and their sexual development somehow had stalled in an earlier stage of life.


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