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For this reason you will be prompted to keep,overwrite,remove, or prompt per file.Slackpkg is a tool for installing or upgrading packages through a network.

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To select a mirror we simply edit the mirrors file and uncomment the mirror we wish to use.

Once you issue the upgrade command you will be presented with a pre-selected list of packages to upgrade. When slackpkg runs it may need to overwrite existing config files.

Get the slapt-get package for your version of Slackware.

Once it's installed, configure it to point to your favourite mirror (edit /etc/slapt-get/slaptgetrc) # See /usr/doc/slapt-get-0.10.1/example.slapt-getrc # for example source entries and configuration hints.

Prior to using slapt-get, you should really be familiar with proper usage of the native Slackware package management tools: As indicated in the link above, slapt-get is *not* a replacement for those utilities - it *uses* those utilities.

As such, any inherent "limitations" (yes, I use that term loosely) in the pkgtool suite will also apply to slapt-get.

However if you are running an older distribution or for some reason it is not included you can download it from the Slackpkg website. Note: You must use the root user to complete these steps.

As it comes installed no package mirror is selected.

You can make a minimal installation of Slackware Linux and then install additional packages from a Slackware mirror You don't need to setup NFS or make dozens of CDs for all of your computers.

Just type "slackpkg" and all packages in the Official Slackware Linux will be in your hands.

(Packages not included with slackware will not be handled).


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