Speed dating in math class

When students are sitting, each student gets their own task card.

This task card stays with them the ENTIRE time they are doing this activity.

speed dating in math class-88

They each ended up factoring 13 quadratics in a much more fun way than just giving them a worksheet and saying factor.

Beyond just getting more practice, we focused on noticing.

I just wanted to share a quick idea for skill and drill with you today.

Maybe it's something you already do, but if not, read on - my students LOVE this activity.

Additionally, I stole Until Next Stop's Secret Method of teaching logarithms.

I had been trying really hard to not teach them the loop trick.

I told the class that they would be speed dating this morning, which caused a few raised eyebrows. I gave each student a piece of paper (half of an 8.5" by 11" sheet) upon which was written a quadratic expression.

Their first job was to factor that, below the fold line.

Basically, set your students up in pairs so they are facing eachother - long rows of desks or tables work the best for this.

Our desks are currently set-up in a "U" formation, so this works well. Before I had individual whiteboards, we would use laminated paper or paper in page protectors - basically anything with a wipe-off surface.

Students draw a line down their whiteboards to divide the surface in half.

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