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“My coat is ostrich, flow is the hottest/You ain’t got dough, you can’t go with the fox, b*tch,” Foxy raps on 1999’s “Hot Spot.” Thanks mostly to drama, health problems, and arrests, the height of Foxy’s music career really came and went in the late ‘90s.

She still makes guest appearances and gives advice to fresh-to-the-scene female rappers, though. [Girl rappers these days are] coming out with a group of guys and just putting on a bikini.” Foxy and ‘Lil Kim, once high-school friends, had on-again, off-again rivalries that often escalated over similar-sounding music and conflicting squads.

Here are some of the surprising reactions to the arrival of Foxy’s baby: A Brooklyn native Foxy Brown previously dated Kurupt in late nineties.

So acute was the anticipation for her debut that it instigated a financial wrestling match between major labels vying for the privilege to release it; Def Jam ultimately won out, resulting in the 1996 debut Ill Na Na.

A record by a female artist with a title praising the caliber of her genitals is bound to attract some notice, and Ill Na Na accordingly entered the charts at the #7 position.

Sexual orientation: Straight Occupation: Rapper Nationality: United States Executive summary: Ill Na Na Queen of the raunchy rappers, Foxy Brown (born Inga Marchand) didn't waste any time getting her career underway: at the age of only 15 she was invited to contribute to the remix of LL Cool J's I Shot Ya after winning a talent competition in her native Brooklyn.

A series of notable guest appearances were to follow (Toni Braxton You're Makin' Me High, Jay-Z Ain't No Nigga, Case Touch Me, Tease Me), firmly establishing her reputation in the industry long before any albums under her own name had materialized.

To be clear, I thought Foxy and Spragga Benz was done years ago, but apparently not….

On New Year’s Eve Ashanti was spotted in Jamaica and posted a photo with Foxy Brown’s ex boyfriend Spragga Benz telling her fans who she was spending New Years with…

She resumed her music career in 2001 with the release of her third record Broken Silence, addressing many of the issues that had come to haunt her public persona.

She has said she woke up completely deaf on , though her hearing eventually returned.

This is Timothy Collier, that dude who got 3 hookers to kick Foxy Brown's butt last week in the Pink House projects in Brooklyn.

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