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Hi, HTML5 validation ("please fill out this field") for required fields which are currently not part of the visible group appears on top left corner of page: When using required fields and - the value is left empty - the value is not on an visible group It would be nice if it appeared next to the tab which contains the required field or if possible open the tab, make the respective field visible before display.

There is an issue with HTML5 validation still ongoing here which should be taken into consideration regarding the identification of the field: https:// thanks for that awesome module!!

I have updated the patch to fix a few errors, and added support for details elements.

This whole thing is a bit of a mess and desperately needs to be refactored (and JS be put in the right places) but for now lets focus on getting them all working.

Use this event if you wish to respond when the current tab is changed.

For example, you could use this event to trigger data validation or enable or disable certain controls that depend upon the current tab.

As a forms designer, you can help to reduce this danger by setting up your forms so that data entry is both as efficient as possible and as accurate as possible.

In some cases you can achieve both goals with a single technique.When you define rules for tables, those rules apply when you import data.To add validation rules to a table, you open the table and use commands on the Fields tab of the ribbon.You can use this property to programmatically change the current tab: You must set each Tab Page’s Tool Tip Text property in order for the tooltip to display when the mouse hovers over the tab.This event occurs when the value of the Selected Index property changes.It also loops over all invalid items, so if there are multiple tabs, each with an invalid element, only the last one will get shown.

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