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The two snippets of the taped conversation that 50 initially leaked make for a truly squirmy, uncomfortable listen.

I awoke in bed alone, still naked and wondering if yesterday really happened? Madison was an animal in the sack, but it seemed like every time we got down to business my thoughts were occupied with her daughter.

Or did I just dream that my girlfriend and her 18 year old daughter seduced me? Yeah, I knew it wasn't right, she was barely legal at only 18, but that didn't stop me from pounding my big dick into Madison and wishing it was Trina.

Wracked with guilt, I sat up, trying to decide if it was real or a fantasy. Madison had been up front about having children from another relationship, but when I met Trina my eyes about popped out of my head.

I wasn't sure that my sweet Madison was the whole reason for my passion; I wanted to be a part of her family and especially to be around Trina.

I started to replay yesterday's events in my mind, hoping that I could figure things out.

Only 18, but she had the sweetest body I had ever seen, five foot five inches of sensually curved flesh filled my thoughts every time I slid my monstrous cock into Madison, and when I came it wasn't her that caught my load, at least not in my mind, but I guess it doesn't matter who I was thinking of when Madison screamed out in an orgasm.

50 says that Young Buck spent all of his money (over 8 million 50 claims he helped Buck make) on expensive cars, without helping anyone out.

50 says this caused Buck to get robbed and then turn on G-Unit 50 goes on to say that Young Buck was using drugs and wasted his opportunities.

50’s right; owing somebody money fucks you up and makes you say and do dumb things.

Buck freaked out in some interview and said that 50 actually owed him money, which understandably pissed 50 off, and so 50 eventually kicked Buck out of his group. But Buck cried, and that’s all anybody’s going to remember.

The entire issue between 50 Cent and Young Buck appears to stem from some money that 50 Cent lent Young Buck to pay his taxes. During the extended fifteen-minute version of the taped conversation between 50 and Buck, that’s nearly all of what they’re talking about: that tax money that Buck owes 50.

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