Turtle from entourage dating

It's a star-studded, athlete-filled affair, and rapper Saigon, who Turtle wanted to sign in the series, is there... I don't remember seeing him, so I'm going to put him high up on the long list of cameos in this one scene.

The half-Venezuelan MMA fighter also gets to show off what she's made of, which includes her killer arm bar, but Hollywood-style.

Rousey has a stellar track record of finishing all of her opponents with this fierce move in the first round (a move that she "gently" pulled on Turtle in "Entourage.") "It was fun kind of showing Turtle that side of my life, where he would always see me outside of it.

Literally, her only job is to stand next to Vince and smile. In anticipation of Hyde's release, Vince decides to have a small screening for some close friends and family.

But the event turns into a massive party in Turtle's (Jerry Ferrara) backyard/private beach.

Racano regrammed the photo and captioned it, "I am so lucky to marry this man.

According to the alum, his original proposal plan got thwarted by an overly competitive game night with their friends.

On the other hand, Turtle seems like a good-looking, successful, normal guy who wants to hang with her, but then she gets the impression that he's really is just trying to make money off of her as well.

This bruises her ego, which she says isn't good for Turtle -- hence the octagon scene where Turtle has to take a beating in order to take her out to dinner. "I knew that we were on to something when everyone was dying laughing while we were shooting.

Turtle and Jamie-Lynn Sigler make out on the plane and the guys don't believe him.

Ari learns that Amanda Daniels is trying to take over the studio head job if Ari doesn't take it.

"It was fun bringing him over there and showing him a few moves." In "Entourage," Rousey and Turtle have a somewhat volatile reunion following a misunderstanding, and an even more explosive meeting when she invites him to her place.

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