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They get very concerned when C14 testing shows obviously inaccurate results & they are left in uncertainty about the reliability of the dates that they have previously never questioned.Examples of abnormal C14 results include testing of recently harvested, live mollusc shells from the Hawaiian coast that showed that they had died 2000 years ago and snail shells just killed in Nevada, USA, dated in at 27,000 years old.A freshly killed seal at Mc Murdo Sound, Antarctica, yielded a death age of 1300 years ago. The Earth obviously isn't just 6000 years old :) but the site I read this on (will have to trawl through my URL history to find it) was definitely not run by creationists (a strange bunch, do they believe in a flat earth...

dd, that's exactly the point of the question...

i know carbon dating is only reliable to a certain extent.

Indeed, this teaching of Scripture can be demonstrated in both the genealogies of the Scriptures (for example, see Genesis 5; Matthew 1:1-18) and from the explicit teaching of Scripture that mankind has been on the Earth since its’ very beginning (cf. Because the theory of Darwinian evolution has pervaded nearly every aspect of our culture, many have been taught that the Bible is unreliable, especially in areas pertaining to science.

Instead, evolutionists maintain that the universe is billions of years old, and they rely heavily on methods known as radiometric dating to try and sustain this claim.

Measurements have always shown fluctuations in the level of atmospheric radiocarbon, but since the peak in the mid 1960s, the level has been steadily decreasing overall.

A carbon age of thousands of years in the future like the one you described could indicate that the wood in question was cut/separated from the tree in the 1960s, when atmospheric radiocarbon levels were at their highest.

Two scientists explain and illustrate: “Many scientists have sworn by radiometric dating methods. Actually, radiometric dating is based on some fragile assumptions.

yes it is true, carbon dating is only a reliable means of dating for a few dozen millenia.

They get very concerned when C14 testing shows obviously inaccurate results & they are left in...

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