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Share Point Server 2013’s User Profile Service Application includes a “new” method for performing an import of user attributes from Active Directory into the Share Point Profile store called Active Directory Import.You may also hear or see this referred to as “AD Direct Mode” in pre-release materials.

Name: AD Sync – User Profile Service Application Create a new application pool called WSS_ADSYNC Select the account to use for the application pool; I use my farm account which also runs all other service applications Press “Create” Press “OK” Under Central Administration Manage services on server Press “Start” next to “User Profile Synchronization Service” Select the “AD Sync – User Profile Service Application” that you just created Enter the password for the service account you are using Press “OK” The service will be stuck at starting for several minutes; this process can take up to 20 minutes.

Refresh the page to determine if the service has started yet.

We can do this from within the User Profile Service Application.

While in the “Manage Profile Service” page, within Central Administration, click on the “Manage User Properties” link.

This was by far and away the most requested capability within the Profiles arena.

Share Point chose to implement this by leveraging Forefront Identity Manager (FIM).

We ran into a situation that a few of the AD Groups in a client environment needed to be renamed.

After the rename and the nightly synchronisation, we did not see the new AD Group names in Share Point.

We appreciate your patience while we reorganize things.

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Share Point 2007 keeps track of Active Directory (AD) users and AD Groups in its own user database.

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