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A screenshot is given below: You don't have to download anything, VLC works well with album art 'out of the box'.

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The cover art along with other metadata information are used by different audio or music players in different ways. You will notice the file size changes if you add cover picture, especially if you add large pictures.

When the same MP3 file is transferred to your smartphone as an example, your player will use the album picture and other metadata information to display on-screen while playing and also giving you the feature to sort out or browse by artist, genre etc.

Music artists do a lot of efforts for the album art or cover which we see on the CD.

Album art or cover is nothing but a photo which is somehow related to the album music. The listener feels more attachment to the music by seeing the album cover while listening to music.

While MP3 files were not originally intended to store additional metadata within them, the release of the ID3 tag protocol in 1996 suddenly made this a possibility.

However, it wasn’t until version 2 of the protocol became available that MP3 files could actually contain embedded album art.

To include such extra information in an MP3 track, tag data is usually added to the beginning or end of the audio file in ID3 format.

ID3 tags allow you to store additional information within your MP3 files such as the track title, artist name and even album art.

Moreover, the album art also helps in making a distinct identity in the music shop or online store.

The customer can recognize the album just by take a glance on the album cover.

If you use VLC Media Player and if you want to display or add album art to any MP3 files, then just access media information options and either browse and put up an album art (also known as cover art) or try to download it automatically.

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