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Lets use a simple categories table which includes a column for Bake a model, controller and views for this table so that we have some files to work with.

You should be able to go onto your website at and see the default index view.

While files are text files, Po Edit creates those binary files upon saving your files in the same location of the corresponding file.

In order to use the sortable feature, you will need to edit the default layout.

If you don’t already have your own layout you can copy the Cake PHP default one (which is used if your own one isn’t found) from The index is the order of elements after they have been sorted and the value is the id of each element.

if the file exists, the framework ignores the files and searches those files only. Here is the scenario I faced: Of course I used to face the same problem when I was updating the files using any normal text editor because files aren’t updated.

The solution is to either remove files manually, or open the files using Po Edit after you finish editing, and then save the file from inside Po Edit.

When saving the data I am adding 1 to the index as the one coming from j Query is zero based.

For the sake of simplicity I’ve included the links to the j Query and j Query UI libraries here but in practice you would probably want to put them in the head of your layout.

If you ran Apache with the We've written a tool to facilitate new users installing Cake PHP, check for 1 click install Also we've added a tutorial about upgrading workspace to PHP7 to allow latest version of the framework be installed.

The Problem: You changed or modified the database of the Cake PHP site; probably added new columns or tables etc.

I’m sure there are many ways of doing this, but recently I finally got round to figuring out how to update multiple records at a time.

When I started out all I wanted was to give all the selected records the same value for one database field, so the first thing we need to know is which records need to be updated and which field.

The Solution: You can try either of the below methods to solve the problem. You can change the debug level in the file present under app/Config to 2 and reload the site.


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