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Once you have downloaded and installed any version of ROBOTC 4.x, you have everything you need (drivers excluded).

updating firmware iq-28

It is fantastic to see that this is no longer the case!

Being “Green” is more than a buzzword here at Mainpine: it’s a way of doing business and the way we do business.

) Normally, your panel will upgrade automatically, but if you need to manually perform the upgrade, follow the instructions below...

Select "Settings" and enter "1111" Select "Installation", then select "Upgrade Panel" Select "Upgrade Using Network".

o Under Windows, when switching back from bootloader to normal “application” SDR mode, the FCD seems to stay in bootloader mode.

Workaround: remove FCD and plug back in again a few seconds later.

The basic front end only allows frequency changing.

Known ‘features’ of the Qt host code (this has been written from scratch and these bugs not apply to the earlier Windows-only code)…

Hardware compatibility for our Microsoft Fax Server is a top priority.

Until now, no options have been available in a PCI-e format for Microsoft Fax services.

Tip: with the fully featured front end, pressing the “Defaults” button is almost always the right thing to do when you first plug in the FCD or launch the app.

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