Updating healthcare technology

The technique is expected to replace the invasive biopsies currently used to identify patients at risk of ...

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It’s no secret that, as a society, technology has become a part of our everyday lives.

In fact, almost 60 percent of American adults own a smartphone, and 42 percent of that same population (American adults) owns a tablet computer.

Not long ago, people started wearing wristbands that recorded the number of steps they took, their heart rates and sleep cycles.

But if the now-ubiquitous bands and accompanying apps that stored biorhythms started out as novelties, they paved the way for a new generation of gadgets that have become serious tools to improve health care delivery and outcomes.

A wide variety of digital innovations are revolutionizing healthcare — and technology in medicine is here to stay.

How are these changes impacting the delivery of care, and what skills are needed to succeed in this bold new world?

They may sound futuristic, but many of these devices already exist and, in fact, are being supplanted by a new generation of products that do it all faster and better.

For instance, wearable techno patches now can monitor a person’s heart rate, body temperature and other vital signs — a big leap over monitors that have to be hooked up — and their results read by the patient.

This represents the next frontier of the digital revolution, finally getting to the most important but heretofore insulated domain: preserving our health.”“We can remotely and continuously monitor each heartbeat, moment-to-moment blood pressure readings, the rate and depth of breathing, body temperature, oxygen concentration in the blood, glucose, brain waves, activity, mood — all the things that make us tick,” he says.


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