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Output caching works best with pages that are semi-dynamic, such as an ASP. NET page that is dependent on a database table that does not change often.

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You must install IIS on your PC If you want to create a webpage or a website, especially in a Dot Net Framework.

Step 1: Type Control Panel in Windows search bar, as shown in the image below.

Once you know you have the correct folder try your app and let us know from that point. REM - specifically for the vdir or site where your remoting application reside? In case that I made it not clear enough in my opening post, it all has worked well when using IIS6.

Make sure it's mapped correctly to aspnet_and under "Request Restrictions" the checkbox called "Invoke handler only if request is mapped to:" is UNCHECKED. regards Heiko Can you please look at the handler mappings for *.

Step 2: Under ‘Programs’ category, click on “Uninstall a program” link.

Step 3: Now On the left-hand side you’ll find “Turn Windows feature On or Off” option, just click on it. Just Check “Internet Information Services” radio button to activate it.With this setup it seems like we could be storing up trouble for later in the pipeline...Whether my unease is justified or not, I need feel troubled no more since the world of containers offer us a solution!Since Docker for Windows now supports Windows Containers and Visual Studio 2017 has support for Docker built-in we can now develop server applications on Windows 10 and run and debug them on the exact same operating systems they will run on in production.In this post I take my version of Contoso University that I've been using for several years now and amend it so that in the developer inner loop phase (ie everything that happens before code is checked in to the build server) the website runs in a Windows Server 2016 container running IIS (rather than IIS Express) and the SQL Server Database Project runs on SQL Server 2016 (rather than Local DB).REM - specifically for the vdir or site where your remoting application reside? NET App Pool" and the *rem handler is set to %windir%\Microsoft.

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