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Sadly, users soon started reporting that their devices had suddenly gone away as a result of updating to the new firmware.It soon became apparent that all those affected by the bug were running Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows 7.In this particular case, we're updating a Samsung SSD 850 PRO 128GB.

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Optane Memory can quickly and easily boost performance at a low price point.

Intel designed the technology to speed up hard disk drives, but you can use RST to accelerate solid-state drives as well (more on the following page).

Operating in-house also means Samsung can update their firmware faster and more often, in turn providing users with a reliable and stable experience.

While SSD firmware isn't always easy to update, the Samsung Magician tool makes the task about as easy as it gets.

it co-developed with Micron tp serve as a middle ground between an SSD and DRAM.

By storing your computer’s most frequently used data, an Optane memory stick allows your system to make less trips between the processor and the much slower mechanical spinning-disk hard drive for data access.Go the other way and download the file and see if it's the new file.One thing to check is the upload if your site is set to start and you don't set it right in Windows it may upload Linux is case sensitive so it won't see the file or use it a common fault Thanks for the reply!Intel’s Optane memory looks like your average M.2 drive and fits into any M.2 slot on Intel 200-series chipset motherboards.The benefit of Optane memory is that it is much faster and more durable than NAND while also being cheaper and denser than DRAM.The reason that I thought it was Publisher is that the "index_file" folder and the "index.htm" file are in the folder where the web site files are located, before ever going to File Zilla.


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