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As we become aware of them, we remove any bugs as soon as we can through our frequent service packs.Always be sure that your installation is on the very latest available version.

updating live update-2

This step is not essential, since the update does not delete any files, but it seems some customers (or kind of weird FTP client) tend to delete the 'default1' directory even if they are not supposed to do so. Check if you can unzip zip files directly on your server.

If so, upload the package zip file to your server and unzip it so it overwrites the old ones.

After when it gets done I got my history and current version and it says incompleted when it is done downloading all the stuff.

I restarted my pc to see if it would fix it but it still says Incompleted.

You can check train updates to see whether your train is on time. Search results for stations will show both the trains arriving and departing from the station.

Login to your server and backup the 'default1' directory found in the 'accounts' directory.

We ask that you update your software to the latest version and check if the problem still persists before contacting our support.

How can I get administrator rights under Windows Vista or Windows 7?

Trying to update my bios version from 1.0 to 1.50 msi.

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