Updating wardrobe when you are broke college dating girl

That paid for my coffee and food over all of exam season!If you’re really set on getting new clothes instead of just money for your old ones, try to find a clothing exchange event!

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It is my responsibility to the universe, as someone shaped like an oblong with boobs, to spend my life pretending to have a waist. If I ever let on that I don’t have a waist, God only knows what would happen. I wear shirts with high necks if they come in colors I like. Because here’s the thing: V-necks do not make your boobs look smaller. As a subset of the first rule, it’s okay if your guiding principle when putting together an outfit is “How can I best annoy my mother?

I wear flats, except on special occasions, and by “special occasions” I mean “occasions I can spend sitting down.” After quite a few years of effort, I have more or less convinced myself that there is no thing or combination of things I can wear that will make me look like anything other than myself: short, fat, with big boobs and a flat ass. ” I don’t remember my mom giving me a lot of fashion advice growing up, but I do remember being instructed over and over that red and pink are clashing colors, and you must never ever wear them together.

Putting clothes on your body can be so time-consuming and require so much thought and calculation that, honestly, it’s a wonder anyone ever does anything besides stand in front of the closet putting on and taking off outfits until it’s time to go to bed again.

Isn’t it great to bust out all your favorite summer outfits, feeling free as a bird in your comfy shorts and cute skirts, while also creating sartorial optical illusions to minimize your glaring, repulsive figure flaws (don’t play, you know what they are)? And dressing in a way that’s consistent with your gender identity, subculture of preference, and favorite color?

So it’s better in the long-run, and also makes life easier by having fewer items that all work together and make you feel great when you wear them.

:) Plus, cleaning our your closet helps with the next few points: Now that you have a giant pile of clothes that you want to get rid of, how are you going to make some money off of them? As long as you’re willing to sell old clothes for a piece, you shouldn’t have a problem getting some cash back for your old t-shirts and yoga pants!

If you want to pack a powerful fashion punch without spending a ton of cash, you’ll need to know how about how to incorporate a few quirks into your winter wardrobe.

In the interest of style on a shoestring, we are pleased to present the following tricks and tips about affordable cold weather fashion. Slip on a thin camisole made with natural fibers such as silk or cotton and panties made of the same. Better yet, opt for a pair of narrow ‘cigarette’ slacks.

I really love college life, but I gotta say–one thing I miss about high school and working is that I actually had accessible funds.

Reality and being a grown-up comes in the form of budgets and responsibilities, which is great and all, but sometimes I just wish I could be irresponsible for a day or two ;) I’ve had to get kind of creative with how I spend money over the last two years or so, especially when it comes to clothes.

Shop resale boutiques and consignment stores to find a fashionable coat at a fraction of the cost of brand-new.


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