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Certificate pinning helps prevent man-in-the-middle attacks.

Windows XP was launched in October 2001 and it became one of the most popular operating systems on a worldwide scale.

Part of its success relied in its appealing interface, since it was different than the ones that had been available before its launch.

Another reason for its popularity was that the development teams at Microsoft were constantly working on improving its stability and solving its bugs, so as to ensure the user experience was not affected.

A full list of the Knowledge Base articles that describe the fixes/updates contained in Service Pack 2 (SP2) can be found in Microsoft Knowledge Base Article number 811113.

The information in the Knowledge Base Article is applicable to the following operating systems: Service Pack 2 will update a Windows XP system and bring it up to SP2 standard even if the machine has never received a Windows update since its original installation.

the anti-virus software has not been updated or the firewall is not configured properly.

You may wish to disable the security center which always runs on startup on installing SP2.

Nasty viruses and worms like Sasser and Blaster can enter an unpatched system as soon as it is connected to the Web. You don't even have to receive email or go to a web site - just being connected is enough.

XP SP2 fixes the security holes so you won't get attacked.

This service pack contains all the security patches and fixes for Windows XP, at the time of its release (9th September 2002), as well as some other very important components like support for USB 2.0 and anti piracy measures.

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