fast dating sires - Updating your kitchen for 1 500

Designer inside tip: You can mix and match hardware, if you're on a limited budget.

Select two designs, one can be an expensive showstopper and the second one low or moderately priced. the expensive hardware must be used as a focal point and the lower priced ones must complement the expensive ones.

This saves money as it’s acting as two appliances, a hood and a microwave, and also saves space and de-clutters the counter top.

updating your kitchen for 1 500-77

Next on the list is painting the living room and eating area a light blue.

Another thing that is inexpensive as far as home updates go but makes the world of difference. My kitchen is nearly 10 years old and the light fixtures at least five.

If you're unsure how to select these pieces on your own, ask your home designer.

There are several decorative kitchen hardware options available in a multitude of shapes, designs and finishes.

You may have had white appliances for years, and you want to stick with white.

But when considering resale value, most homebuyers will still see a white freestanding range as the same as the other white freestanding range- even if it does have all the bells and whistles.

Anyway, what have been your less expensive home updates that thrilled you with their impact? I also updated all but two of the light fixtures in my house. People always ask when the work was done because it doesn't scream any particular timeframe.

I still have one glass and brass monstrosity at the top of the stairs and no idea of how to get up there to change it. I also haven't found the perfect light for over the front door. It took me 5 years to find just the right lamps for my living room. But clearly it's been updated since it was built in 1887.

And don’t think we’re just talking a full Viking suite, either. When you’re updating your kitchen appliances there are some things to remember.

Most importantly remember that you are, in fact, updating your appliances.

And really, even if you’re made of money, there’s no reason to spend it all when you can do some affordable updates and keep some money in your hot lil’ hands! If you really want to make a change, choose something that not only looks good, but also has tactile benefits as well – it’s all in the grip!


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