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The first group can optionally be enclosed with parentheses, and the first two groups can optionally be followed with a choice of three separators (a hyphen, dot, or space). It’s important that the hyphen appears first in this character class, because if it appeared between other characters, it would create a range, as with .

The following layout breaks the regular expression into its individual parts, omitting the redundant groups of digits: ^ # Assert position at the beginning of the string. Any quantifier that allows something to be repeated zero times effectively makes that element optional.

If the purpose of registration is to confirm that the person exists, and that they have supplied a valid email address, then as part of the registration processe you a should either email them a random password or a confirmation token rather than letting them choose their own password and use it immediately.

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Short episodes are regular episodes that are much shorter than the standard length.

This means up to and including 10 minutes; shows with episodes that are 11 to 20 minutes in length are half-length episodes instead.

I'd recommend taking a look at the UK Government Data Standard for postcodes [link now dead; archive of XML, see Wikipedia for discussion].

There is a brief description about the data and the attached xml schema provides a regular expression.

It even reformats the postcode to have a space, so if you enter a postcode as W1A1AA, in addition to validating, it will reformat it to W1A 1AA.

It even deals with unusual postcodes in various British territories.

See Recipes 3.5 and 3.15 for help implementing this regular expression with other programming languages. Character classes allow you to match any one out of a set of characters.

This regular expression matches three groups of digits. ( # Capture the enclosed match to backreference 1... is another character class, one that allows any one of three separators.

Instead of as this lets the browser (and the user) know that the contents of that field need to be secured.

The password won't appear on the screen as you type and most browsers also won't 'remember' the values entered in fields as they do with other form elements.

Although they fight back with the red "Zaku III Custom," a mobile suit that Danton and Arlette were both once involved with, they confront various critical situations.


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