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The default JAXBElement Provider will check these resolvers first before attempting to create a JAXBContext on its own.

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The simplest way is to mark a given type with @Xml Root Element annotation.

For example: Alternatively to using @Xml Root Element and Collection wrappers, one can provide an Object factory which will tell JAXB how to marshal a given type (in case of Collections - its template type).

JAXB is a part of the Java SE and JAVA EE platforms.

JAXB is licensed under a dual license - CDDL 1.1 and GPL 2.0 with Class-path Exception.

The request and response can be marshalled and unmarshalled to/from Java object using JAXB.

There's a number of ways to tell to the JAXB provider how objects can be serialized.set Schema void set Schema(Schema schema)Specify the JAXP 1.3 Schema object that should be used to validate subsequent unmarshal operations against.Passing null into this method will disable validation.Today in the developer community, no one can dispute the importance of XML.It has become the backbone of many cutting edge technologies.Another option is to return/accept a JAXBElement directly from/in a given method.


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