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Some of the T-SQL code aspects that can be checked are: Besides the T-SQL code analysis, SQL Enlight supports database schema analysis and can combine and use both forms of analysis.

The database schema analysis can identify several issues that can have negative impact on the performance: Database analysis can be applied at once on single or multiple databases as well as on a SQL Server instance.

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The table below summarizes the results: Mode Analysis The chart shows the average number of messages posted per user by treatment group.

The table below provides additional test result details: The test above, which compares average posting rates between groups, uses a simple Student’s t-test for determining statistical signficance.

One of the supported types of analysis by SQL Enlight is the T-SQL script analysis.

It can be used validating the code for syntax errors as well as for conforming to best practices or your own standards and requirements.

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CREATE TABLE `blog` ( `blog_id` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment, `blog_title` varchar(255) NOT NULL default '', `blog_content` longtext NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`blog_id`) ) ENGINE=My ISAM; INSERT INTO `blog` VALUES (null, 'item1', 'item1'); INSERT INTO `blog` VALUES (null, 'item2', 'item2'); INSERT INTO `blog` VALUES (null, 'item3', 'item3'); This is for an installer, so it won't start installing and halfway run into sql errors, I want it to leave the tables alone, like if the table 'blog' already exists, that is caught before the install starts.

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It has to use the phpmyadmin style of export/import file which is a series of SQL statements.

Depending on whether a row is returned or not, you can execute your create table statement.

All too often people find themselves locked into a specific DBMS because their SQL code doesn't conform to the SQL standard.


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