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Online condolences and tributes are spreading on social media after a teenage Coquitlam girl who claimed to be the victim of severe bullying committed suicide Wednesday.

Fifteen-year-old Amanda Todd posted a You Tube video in September flipping through index cards that tell the story of how she was bullied, beginning when a boy sent a topless picture of her to other students at her school.

She was forced to move schools several times because of the bullying, but the torment never stopped.

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I rallied in my heart that the Lord must have a special plan for me to meet and connect with the others assigned to my table.

In my head I started to have a little pity conversation: It wasn’t audible.

Olson, developer of the PREPARE Inventory, used by over 60,000 counselors in the United States alone.

Vice President, Life Innovations; Licensed Psychologist, State of Minnesota; Former Director of the Smalley Relationship Center's and Smalley Marriage Institute's Counseling and Clinical Services.

I knew it was a thought assigned by God that I needed to ponder.

That’s exactly what the enemy would have wanted me to feel.After the assault, Todd said she laid in a ditch until her father found her, and when she got home she drank bleach.“I thought I was actually going to die,” she wrote. New York City Experience this street-level view looking southeast toward the heart of Times Square.Also known as The New NY Bridge, you can track progress for this massive billion project with unique views from several webcams. Austin Catch a glimpse of all the lively action outside Trinity Hall at the Old School Bar & Grill, a tourist hotspot located on famous 6th Street in downtown Austin, Texas.Todd said she started cutting herself, got involved in drugs and alcohol, and suffered from depression and anxiety.

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