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Nobody disputes this: Three gay Hungarian men, living in crushing poverty in a country intolerant of their lifestyle, moved to the United States with hopes of a better life.Prosecutors argue they were duped, held in virtual slavery, forced to perform around-the-clock sex acts for webcams, or sell their bodies to johns in New York and Miami.Prosecutors have already won a conviction against a third man involved in the ring.

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Daniel Howarth, 18, from north Manchester groomed a 15-year-old American girl to send him naked pictures.

The internet predator then used the nude snaps to blackmail his victim into doing whatever he wanted.

“This is nothing but a group of young gay men, Hungarian men, escaping persecution in their country,” Berki’s lawyer, Ronald Manto, told jurors.

“They won’t freely admit it but they knew exactly what they were doing.” “They were not victims.

Authorities arrested Viktor Berki, left, and Andras Janos Vass, right, in New York.

Gabir Acs, not shown, was arrested in Miami in 2013.

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