Who cole sprouse dating

Nonetheless, the insider claims the blonde actress "always had her eye on where Cole was." Later in the evening, the rumored couple was seen talking closely by a pool. And despite their attempts at keeping a low profile, the eyewitness states it was clear that "something was going on" between the former Disney darling and the up-and-comer.

Fast-forward to 2017 San Diego Comic-Con, and the two were apparently acting like they are more than friends.

Once again, neither have confirmed anything, so be respectful, be kind, act accordingly, et cetera. If something is actually going on between Reinhart and Sprouse, we may never hear about it.

Not much of us have something to prove so it means we have all grounded ourselves in just making a good program or trying to do the best with the material we can.

And that has kept us humbled and really grounded and has made us all appreciative of one another.

I think the shipping wars and communities have taken to realize relations as well when it comes to bromance or romance, as it's been called for KJ and I, and then Lili and I.

I think people are getting invested into us and the characters and they really want to know the relationships of the people in real life.Rowan Blanchard was disgusted by his claim that there were “fine people” protesting the statue being taken down. Just as fans speculated earlier this year, Bughead could be a real thing, y'all, but again, it's all unconfirmed.Apparently, the pair "could not keep their hands off of one another"!Related: girls" while at one Comic-Con bash on Friday.OK, so Ulrich didn't flat-out confirm the rumors that Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart are dating, but he did basically say that they're super into each other at the very least.

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