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Away from the crowd and the cameras, both Mario, 25, and Baifern, 21, were still endearing and easy to deal with — no airs at all, according to event insiders. When asked by the Cebu media how he handles fame, Mario shared an advice from a Thai comedian that he takes to heart: “He told me that the more you get famous, the more you have to act small… When I was younger, trying to put things together myself, of course, I had picked clothes that might have not matched together.

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And yet, the stars — whose tandem shot to popularity all over Asia via their 2010 hit rom-com were still surprised and overwhelmed by the huge turnout at the 2014 Penshoppe Fan Con last Aug.

17, held this time in Cebu, where the now-global brand Penshoppe had its beginnings in 1986.

I first visited the country for 14 days a few years ago, but this time I wanted to share the trip with some of my best friends,” Adelante tells.

“My family and I were debating between visiting Thailand or Hong Kong, and Macau for my nephew’s graduation celebration.

To be honest, I'm not sure when was the first time I spotted him, but I think I was influenced by the powerful fangirling on the net and slowly but surely I discovered his films etc, and that was my doom.

If you happen to be one of those who haven't heard of him, then let me introduce you, just sit back and enjoy ;) ★ Name: Mario Maurer ★ Thai name: มาริโอ้ เมาเร่อ / Nutthawuth Maurer ★ Birthdate: December 4, 1988 ★ Birthplace: Bangkok, Thailand ★ Height: 180cm ★ Blood Type: O ★ Hobbies: skateboarding, hip-hop, cars ★ Official site ★ Facebook ★ Instagram ★ Twitter ★ IMDB ★ MDLThe famous film about two gay boys and cute scenes of friendship and love.

For Irish Karunungan and Eisa Ireneo Adelante, the reasons for wanting to visit Thailand again range from culture, people and to food.

“I decided to visit again to experience the good food, culture and hospitality of the people of Thailand.

He said that while he doesn’t really get to hang out with his former co-stars whenever he’s here due to work commitments, he is updated about them because he follows them on social media.

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