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There was one Hollyoaks actor who had bi on his myspace, it was soon changed to straight when he realised everyone had seen it.

One is definately gay and is always out in the village in Manchester.

And Corey agreed, tweeting: ‘What a letdown of a Downton finale.

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Karl Davies is allegedly seeing the guy who played Ivan in Emmerdale.[italic]R44, are you sure?

I thought Fiona was out[/italic]I think people like this might be "out without ceremony".

I would like to know which of the Hollyoaks actors are gay or bi because there HAS to be a good few among that bunch of little tarts!

Mark Strong pings like crazy to me, but every time I've asked my few friends in the British TV community, they say they couldn't really say one way or another.

It’s expected that the full details of Mr Green’s death and its implications will be revealed in Downton Abbey’s Christmas special at the end of the year.

I remember an interview with her gushing about him, how great and sweet he was and how she missed him when he wasn't around.[italic]Wiki: Since leaving the show it has been revealed that he is dating his former co-star Jenna-Louise Coleman who plays the vicar's niece Jasmine Thomas.[14][/italic]I've always heard that Tom Hollander is out as bi, but never actually seen a quote attributed to him saying so.

Downton Abbey fans have expressed their disappointment with the series finale episode, in which rapist Mr Green was killed off.

The hotly anticipated final episode saw Mr Green die and although he wasn’t a popular character – having brutally raped Anna Bates earlier in the series – viewers felt let down by his death.

Despite Kevin's efforts to stop her, Shirley makes herself known to Deano and Carly and eventually reveals that she is their mother.

Deano struggles with this and after seeing Shirley behave promiscuously, he behaves recklessly and crashes a car at high-speed injuring himself, his passenger Chelsea Fox (Tiana Benjamin) and a pedestrian, Abi Branning (Lorna Fitzgerald).

The character and casting were announced on 3 February 2005, and Ruby made her first appearance in episode 2908, broadcast on 18 March 2005.

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