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Other content creators in the pre-You Tube era would also upload videos to, including future You Tuber Tom Ska. Padilla and Hecox first met in their sixth grade science class.

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In 2005, they joined You Tube and made several videos together, lip syncing the theme songs to Mortal Kombat, Power Rangers, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

At first, these videos were not intended to be posted online, but after they sent them to their friends, they started a You Tube channel.

So far Anthony has been rumored to be dating two women.

Fully Raw Kristina (don't know her full name but i know that's her youtube), and Miel (more recent).

Kalel also reveals in a vlog, that she was given two tickets to a Sam Smith concert, but none of her friends – like Evelina – were available to go. “I was thinking about getting my v***** waxed,” she reveals in the vlog before the date with her potential new boyfriend.

“The date is really weird, because…When this guy first asked me out. But I was actually really pleasantly surprised, because he was not who I originally was thinking he was.” “I didn’t expect myself to find myself having strong feelings for him…but I really like him. Probably.” “I still want to stay single for the year, as I originally told.” Many fans weren’t happy that Kalel was already dating.

This is my journal where I will post my opinions and thoughts on things related to Smosh. You do not have to agree with me and if you don't please do not argue.

So with Ian and Anthony being single there will come dating rumors.

“I feel bad for the men you are dating,” one top comment said.

, commonly called Anthony, born September 16, 1987). As of August 2017 The Smosh team has expanded to include others to handle animated, other language, and video gaming content videos, and the sketches have included more actors.

Soon afterward, they began to post videos on You Tube in the autumn of 2005 and became one of the most popular channels on the site.


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