Who is vanessa carlton dating

Noughties chick You couldn’t go anywhere in 2002 without hearing Vanessa Carlton’s A Thousand Miles playing. It was stuck in our heads for that whole year (and is now lodged there again. She was found playing It’s A Small World on a piano at the age of just two during a trip to Disneyland. Lost in music Vanessa, now 36, was born in 1980 in Milford, Pennsylvania.i wasn't fat really, but i was a little on the heavy side.

I don’t like to write every day, and I don’t write all the time.

If I want to stop writing for a year, I’m OK with that; The time away contributes to the writing I do, too.

She’s gone from being a major label darling to fiercely independent, and even though that big hit always looms large Carlton — who’s married to Deer Tick’s John Mc Cauley and has a one-year-old daughter, Sidney — is making arguably the best music of her career and anticipates plenty more music ahead of her… “I started as a total pop girl, but I don’t do well as, like, a cog in the machine where you submit for approval and things like that.

IF YOU GO What: Vanessa Carlton Where: World Cafe Live, 3025 Walnut St., Philadelphia. That led to me leaving the major label system, and I felt this freedom and opportunity I never felt before.

Her mother Heidi, a piano tutor, had previously played classical music to Vanessa in the womb.

Recognising her child’s talent, Heidi began to teach Vanessa to play the piano. A big hit Vanessa hit Number One in the US with A Thousand Miles when she was 22 – it also topped the charts in Australia and peaked at Number Six in the UK.There were moments where you’re like: “I could probably end this now,” completely.But I think I had to reach my personal rock bottom to rethink and come up with a different approach to my whole life.’ The singer reveals she got ‘healthy’ with the aid of Chinese medicine. After coming out as bisexual in 2010, Vanessa married musician John Mc Cauley at the end of 2013.It just kind of felt like this weird, stalkerish-sounding song to me until I became a mom, and then it was, ‘Oh, I get it.’ There were a lot of people who liked that song when it came out years ago who were overseas in the Army or Navy and they loved it, men and women who were away from her families.I understand how they feel now more than I did before.” • While Carlton is still enjoying some buzz for “Liberman,” she’s already working on something new. “I’m a writer that doesn’t write for a long time and then writes the record.“We’re playing things that we love and there’s no pressure. There’s no hype or anything that’s tainting the performance, in my opinion.” Taming the hype has been a long process.

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