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He is best known for his character of “Bobby Simone” in NYPD Blue, as “Miguel Prado” in Dexter and also as “Matt Santos” in The West Wing.

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He has got mixed ethnicity with his father belonging to Dutch and Suriname decent whereas his mother having got mixed Puerto Rican heritage.

He was raised along his younger sisters Diana and Yvonne and was raised for some time in Puerto Rico, as a child. S Government’s policy of Navy bombing practices and was even arrested when he was a participant in one of such demonstrations.

Smits is an Emmy Award-winning actor who's made a name for himself on Steven Bochco's ' L.

Jimmy Smits is an American actor of movies as well as TV shows who is known for his portrayal of legal and political roles, amongst others; in many TV shows.

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Jimmy Smits is an Emmy Award-winning actor who's made a name for himself on Steven Bochco's ' L.

He started his journey as an actor officially from 1984 and with more than 30 years of career, has appeared in over one hundred different shows.

He has also been nominated for, or won many prestigious awards including the Primetime Emmy Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards and Golden Globe Awards, which reflects upon the success that he has received over the years.

De Jesus does reveal that the two first met in New York while working on a play in the early 80’s and “maintained a friendship for a long time before becoming involved.” She is most notably recognized for her role as the fourth actress to portray Santana Andrade in NBC’s soap opera Santa Barbara.

Cast: Robert De Niro (as "Cuba") [Broadway debut], Ralph Macchio (as "Teddy") [Broadway debut], Burt Young (as "Jackie") [Broadway debut], Michael Carmine (as "Che"), Paul Calderon (as "...

Wanda De Jesus is a movie actress from United States.


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