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trainer and his beau looked so in love while they walked hand in hand down the sidewalk.Bob‘s role on the hit NBC weight loss series will be switching to host on the upcoming season as longtime host Alison Sweeney has left the show. 15 pictures inside of Bob Harper and his boyfriend…

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Alexandra and Antoine: Like we mentioned, these two found each other in the most recent season.

While they entered the ranch overweight, Antoine impressively lost more than 50 percent of his original body weight.

) and winner Ryan Sutter.(Oh yeah: After dumping Molly Malaney, then Melissa Rycroft, Bachelor Jason Mesnick married Molly this spring. )But reality TV isn't all fauxmance and failure—at least five series have seen some : Proving that love can conquer even a Skype cheating scandal, Rachel Reilly accepted her season 12 housemate Brendon Villegas' marriage proposal; season 11 winner Jordan Lloyd is still romancing housemate and : Marty Wolff and met his wife Amy during the third season of the reality weight-loss show in 2007, got married in March 2008, and welcomed their first son in 2009.

Season-two winner Matt Hoover has been married to castmate Suzy Preston since 2008; the couple have two children.

And in a recent interview with Woman's Day, she revealed how failing to work on her mindset 'in the real world' led to a downward spiral.'I'd not really addressed the issues going on in my head,' the 33-year-old told the publication.'I know from my own experience that I lost a lot of weight on the show, but when I went back to the real world I'd not really addressed the issues going on in my head that caused me to gain weight in the first place,' Fiona shared.

Admitting to binge eating and regaining the weight she had initially lost on the program, the Melbourne-born star had to change her mind frame.

And by "opted for," we mean "proposed to." On live, national TV. 7 Body Parts Men Love—Just The Way They Are Rebecca and Dan: Rebecca had a bit of a breakdown when she was voted of season 8 of TBL.

Fortunately, she had the support of fellow castmate Dan.

(He's pretty jacked now.) And Alexandra managed to take off 70 pounds, too.


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