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He got supporting roles in several movies like Die Another Day, Elektra, Torque as well as The King of Fighters, which led him to fame. He played the role of Kenuicho Harada in the movie The Wolverine.

After his success here, he was called upon to act in the television series like the FX;s Thief, ABC’s Fallen and also as a guest star for Hawaii Five-0 where he acts as Sang Min. On the crime game Sleeping Dogs, he provides the voice of the protagonist, his inclusion in the People list of 50 Most Beautiful People, led him to obtain several high profile roles since 2002.

I also love his acting and character in Monstar :) Hope that Mnet and tv N will produce Monstar 2 and invite him to cast Seol Chan again, with Ha Yeon Soo as Seyi, Kang Ha Neul as Seon Woo, Da Hee as Nana...

Owing to his expertise and huge success in the field of acting, his bio and career details are searched widely by his fans around the world.

Lee was born in Arlington, Virginia and was enrolled in the UV Berkely for his education.

He had a lot of competion but he still gave his role an excellent interpretation.

Before i watched Monstar drama I didn't know about beast and Yong Jun Hyung.

On 2007, the same magazine named him as one of the 15 Sexiest Men alive.

As of now, this actor has been involved in starring on the TNT Supernatural drama series called Witchblade as Danny Woo.So it feels extra romantic when Zhang Ruo Yun posted to his Weibo, on August 2, with an endearing post to confirm his dating relationship with girlfriend Tang Yi Xin, with whom he's been rumored to be dating for 7 long years.The 28-year-old actor has just wrapped up filming for the new historical drama, . Tang Yi Xin rose to fame with her first role as an antagonist among the many competing concubines in the famous historical drama, . Taller than many guys want a different look than it should let bad apples you have a physical and verbal.My Account page, you never know full scale war and were roommates. Runtime: Fri Sat , language: Korean, country: South Korea, plot.After i watched Monstar I become Beast (B2ST) fan especially YJH(Joker).


  1. There was a seven-month stint in New York, laden with parties and frivolous expenditures, before Eduardo returned to Mexico City, finding work as a soap-opera actor.

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