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Search Catalog of Fossil Hominids Database Search NESPOS Search John Hawkes Bibliography See Wikipedia entry for Olduvai Gorge Bed I Search blogs for entries on Olduvai Gorge Bed I Afarensis John Hawkes Mundo Neanderthal (Español) Caveman's Corner Google Blog Search Mc Henry, L. A revised stratigraphic framework for Olduvai Gorge Bed I based on tuff geochemistry. Mc Henry et al.; Quaternary International, Volume 178, Issue 1, February 2008, Pages 306-319 DOI: doi:10.1016/j.quaint.20 presents precise geographic locations and current best date estimates for late Miocene, Pliocene, and Pleistocene sites with human ancestor (hominin) fossils and archaeology.

is the first thorough study of the history of fashion in this period based solely on firmly dated or datable works of art.

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Several interactive visual interfaces allow users to generate maps and tables that relate localities, fossils, tools, and evolutioanry events with geography and time.

The data content is dynamic and is updated daily, as are new interface features.

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Examining the role of social customs and politics in influencing dress, at a time of rapid change in fashion, this fully illustrated volume demonstrates the richness of such symbolism in medieval art and how artists used clothing and costume to help viewers interpret an image.

At the heart of the work is , an album of over 300 illustrations with commentary.

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This site started as a course syllabus for Anthropology 3101: Human Evolution 2 at California State University, East Bay, and grew with each quarter it was used.

Now has over 200 sites and hundreds of bibliographic citations.

It is invaluable for costume designers, students and scholars of the history of dress and history of art, as well as those who need to date works of art.

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