Xbmc library not updating Random webcam chat with freaky girls in america

from import HTTPDigest Auth import xbmc, xbmcgui, xbmcvfs, xbmcaddon import sys, os, requests, time # Class to manage the notification image class Cam View(xbmcgui. resolution=16" imagename = "snapshot.jpg" def __init__(self, camname,camport,idx,username,password): # Construct correct URL self.baseurl = ' camname 'cam:' camport # Cams use digest authentication = HTTPDigest Auth(username, password) # Set path = xbmc.translate Path('special://profile/addon_data/%s' % xbmcaddon.Addon()Addon Info('id')) if not xbmcvfs.exists(path): xbmcvfs.mkdir(path) self.imagefile = join(path, self.imagename) # Message = .get(idx, camname.capitalize() 'cam fired alarm') # set the initial image before the window is shown self.image = xbmcgui.

xbmc library not updating-18

With this, I could watch TV, while keeping a close eye on the kiddos.

So, on the XBMC box I have a shell script running, which checks the Foscam alarm statuses every second.

Let's say you are running Serviio as a media server on your Windows machine and you want add share folders to the library.

You may find that the share locations show up on your media device but your actual files do not.

In addition, I have 2 Foscam IP cameras, which I use for baby-monitoring my two little girls.

A while back I thought it'd be cool to write a couple of scripts, so that when one of the Foscam's alarms triggers, I get a notification on XBMC along with live images from the relevant Foscam camera.

Instead of checking in from your phone of the website, this plugin runs in the background and automatically scrobbles back to while you enjoy watching your media.

After installing the plugin, it should popup with instructions on how to connect your account.

This all worked perfectly fine, and was totally awesome :) However, last week I upgraded the Foscam's firmware.

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