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On 24 December 2013, XXL was sold to Thematic Netherlands BV, an association comprising an AB group executive and the Marc Dorcel (minority shareholder) group.

Marc Dorcel is entrusted with the editorial management of the channel and its VOD services.

In the meantime , Fali roams the neighborhood , the apartment blocks and brothels with his lads Paco the Bear (Pablo Vega) , Laski (Ivan Massagué) and Bolinga (Juanfra) .

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Fali is a lad of twenty who lives with his mother and works as a delivery boy in a supermarket, a perfect cover to serve as a gigolo among the most neglected housewives.

His dream is to buy a luxury big car, so he jealously saves everything he earns.

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It broadcasts a gay movie every Tuesday and an amateur film every Wednesday.

At the time of the debate on the protection of the minors with respect to the images in pornographic matter of 2002, the channel was strongly criticized because half of pornographic films on French television, were on this channel.

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