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"If you're not successful at working and collaborating with people, then your business fails, and I've had businesses fail.You are essentially running a lot of little experiments on how humans interact with each other." While many others have read Griscom's advice, his sons are not part of that group yet.

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Another case of apparent child abuse has garnered media attention as a viral video of a woman beating her daughter recently went viral.

The video, which was taken somewhere in Cavite, was uploaded by a Facebook user.

Griscom, shown here with his wife, Alisa Volkman, three boys, and the child of a family friend, tried to strike a balance between being lighthearted and imparting some hard-earned life lessons to his sons.

"The harder part of the piece is getting in the light, funny observations because you don't want to be overly ponderous and take yourself too seriously,'' Griscom said.

It clearly showed a woman hitting a young girl over the head and violently kicking her multiple times.

The alarming video prompted officials in Kawit, Cavite to track down the woman in the video for further investigation.

It has "Pray for Elijah" and "Never give up" printed on it.

About seven minutes into Wednesday's press conference, a reporter asked Newton about Elijah's death.

Elijah Aschbrenner wasn't supposed to make it to Halloween. Turned out, Elijah lived to see Halloween after all. On Wednesday, Carolina quarterback Cam Newton was at the podium to talk with the Charlotte media about the Panthers' 8-0 record and their next NFL game against the Tennessee Titans on Sunday. But he also spent three-and-half-minutes of his time talking about Elijah.


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