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“Wait, you’re NOT going to keep going out with him?!

He’s tall, good looking, super cool, solid in the gospel, smart, great family, and you know he’s going to be rich—what more could you possibly want?

What's a goal-oriented, hard-working young professional to do (besides babysit, petsit and tutor)? Once you do, you can take on freelance grant-writing projects for nonprofits.

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’ This situation boils down to one question: Should I keep dating someone even if I’m not excited about them? At times, we find ourselves with those who are perfect on paper but prosaic in person and something just doesn’t propel you to pursue the possibility of considering them to be a positive prospect.

Do you have to make the choice between finding someone that you are super excited about, but you know they might not be a good fit for you; or someone who is perfect for you, but you just aren’t excited about? You must work for it and put time into it through serving them. I’m going to say that one more time…you have agency in love.

The first five ingredients of Zach’s dog food formulas include a combination of protein and carbohydrate sources like beef meal, chicken meal, lamb meal, ground rice, oatmeal, grain sorghum, and ground barley.

Beef meal, chicken meal, and lamb meal are excellent sources of meat-based protein.

Although fish meal contains substantial amounts of protein the species of fish and the preservative used can often dictate the quantity and quality of nutrients which are derived from the fish meal.

The fish meal used in Zach’s dog food products does not appear to have used ethoxyquin, a preservative which has been associated to increasing risks of cancer.

4chan user creates multiple fake accounts, steals pictures from across the web, and posts them to /r/happy.

After they make the front page, users catch on and the 4channer comments with his other fake accounts to defend himself.

Zach’s Quality dog food products are corn-free and soy-bean free formulas that use only natural preservatives to guarantee the freshness and quality of every bite.

The company which is based in Breckenridge, Texas is a relatively new player in the dog food industry.

To be ahead of the financial curve in your 20s, it's often extremely helpful to have supplementary income.

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