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Homes in Amsterdam are typically city apartments, so if you're looking for a bit more space, and perhaps a garden, it's a good idea to look further afield.An excellent tram and train network makes it easy to commute from nearby towns and villages.I am still in work mode and am looking forward to doing more with the business this weekend.

In the distance, a towering rock pile marks where Chinggis Khaan once kept a temporary outpost.

In the hills before her, animals graze serenely while hawks, eagles and falcons circle above searching for prey like the Mongolian gerbil, which burrow below ground.

It is also a byword for the most barren place of the imagination.

But deserts, like imaginations, are invariably fertile, even this one.

0 comments If you're planning to move to Amsterdam, you'll find Amsterdam is a vibrant, thriving city, with a low crime rate and good public transport.

As with many large cities, Amsterdam is a study in contrasts, where a student squat can rub shoulders with an elegant mansion.

Caring for hundreds of goats, sheep, yaks, and horses, the family moves four times a year, in concert with the seasons.

But the beauty and balance of the magnificent Mongolian steppe belies a looming, harsh reality: the , extreme Mongolian winters that can devastate millions of animals and drive herders off the plains and into the city and poverty.

For this reason, it can be hard to give an overview of Amsterdam's neighbourhoods, as the atmosphere can change from street to street.

Our guide provides an introduction to the different city districts in Amsterdam to help you start your search for a new home, or if you want to search by specific neighbourhoods, read our Amsterdam neighbourhood guide.

We've found receipts dating back to the early 1950s, multiple photocopies of trivia quizzes from Elderhostel trips taken almost 20 years ago, and unopened packages of twin-size cotton-polyester sheets in perky floral patterns from the late 1960s.


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